Classroom Activities

Each classroom activity contains a wide range of source material and several questions that will help students to develop the ability to interpret and evaluate information.

We have also provided a commentary on the questions that should be of help to the student and teacher. At the bottom of each page you will find a link to download the activity in a word document.

The classroom activities are based on National Curriculum History (11-14 years), GCSE (14-16 years) and A/S & A/2 (16-18 years).

Please let us know about areas of the curriculum you would like us to cover: [email protected]

We have plans to produce a large number of classroom activities over the next few months. This will include resources for GCSE, AS/A2 and for university students.

Resources for GCSE Exam Boards

Resources for AS & A Level Exam Boards

Henry VIII
Henry VIII by Hans Holbein (1536)
Ancient World

AW01 Codes and Codebreaking (Answer Commentary)

The Normans and the Middle Ages

NOR1 The Battle of Hastings (Answer Commentary)

NOR2 William the Conqueror (Answer Commentary)

NOR3 The Feudal System (Answer Commentary)

NOR4 The Domesday Survey (Answer Commentary)

NOR5 Thomas Becket and Henry II (Answer Commentary)

NOR6 Why was Thomas Becket Murdered? (Answer Commentary)

NOR7 Illuminated Manuscripts in the Middle Ages (Answer Commentary)

NOR8 King Harold II and Stamford Bridge (Answer Commentary)

NOR9 Disease in the 14th Century (Answer Commentary)

NOR10 Contemporary Accounts of the Black Death (Answer Commentary)

NOR11 The Medieval Village Economy (Answer Commentary)

NOR12 Women and Medieval Work (Answer Commentary)

NOR13 The Growth of Female Literacy in the Middle Ages (Answer Commentary)

N0R14 Wandering Minstrels in the Middle Ages (Answer Commentary)

NOR15 Christine de Pizan: A Feminist Historian (Answer Commentary)

NOR16 Henry II: An Assessment (Answer Commentary)

NOR17 The Life and Death of Richard the Lionheart (Answer Commentary)

NOR18 Medieval and Modern Historians on King John (Answer Commentary)

NOR19 King John and the Magna Carta (Answer Commentary)

NOR20 Medieval Historians and John Ball (Answer Commentary)

NOR21 The Peasants' Revolt (Answer Commentary)

NOR22 Death of Wat Tyler (Answer Commentary)

NOR23 Taxation in the Middle Ages (Answer Commentary)

YALD Yalding: Medieval Village Project (Differentiation)

Tudor England

TEU1 Poverty in Tudor England (Answer Commentary)

TEU2 Why did Queen Elizabeth not get married? (Answer Commentary)

TEU3 Henry VIII (Answer Commentary)

TEU4 Francis Walsingham - Codes & Codebreaking (Answer Commentary)

TEU5 Mary Tudor and Heretics (Answer Commentary)

TEU6 Sir Thomas More: Saint or Sinner? (Answer Commentary)

TEU7 Hans Holbein's Art and Religious Propaganda (Answer Commentary)

TEU8 Hans Holbein and Henry VIII (Answer Commentary)

TEU9 Anne Askew – Burnt at the Stake (Answer Commentary)

TE10 Joan Bocher - Anabaptist (Answer Commentary)

TE11 Dissolution of the Monasteries (Answer Commentary)

TE12 Pilgrimage of Grace (Answer Commentary)

TE13 Robert Aske (Answer Commentary)

TE14 Execution of Margaret Cheyney (Answer Commentary)

TE15 Elizabeth Barton and Henry VIII (Answer Commentary)

TE16 Why were women hostile to Henry VIII's marriage to Anne Boleyn? (Answer Commentary)

TE17 1517 May Day Riots: How do historians know what happened? (Answer Commentary)

TE18 Anne Boleyn - Religious Reformer (Answer Commentary)

TE19 Did Anne Boleyn have six fingers on her right hand? A Study in Catholic Propaganda (Answer Commentary)

TE20 Henry VII: A Wise or Wicked Ruler? (Answer Commentary)

TE21 The Marriage of Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon (Answer Commentary)

TE22 Henry VIII: Catherine of Aragon or Anne Boleyn? (Answer Commentary)

TE23 Was Henry VIII's son, Henry FitzRoy, murdered? (Answer Commentary)

TE24 Cardinal Thomas Wolsey (Answer Commentary)

TE25 Martin Luther and the Reformation (Answer Commentary)

TE26 Martin Luther and Thomas Müntzer (Answer Commentary)

TE27 Martin Luther and Hitler's Anti-Semitism (Answer Commentary)

TE28 Catherine Parr and Women's Rights (Answer Commentary)

TE29 Was Queen Catherine Howard guilty of treason? (Answer Commentary)

TE30 Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves (Answer Commentary)

TE31 Historians and Novelists on Thomas Cromwell (Answer Commentary)

TE32 Women, Politics and Henry VIII (Answer Commentary)

Stuart England

STU1 The Gunpowder Plot (Answer Commentary)

ECW1 Military Tactics in the English Civil War (Answer Commentary)

ECW2 Women in the English Civil War (Answer Commentary)

ECW3 Portraits of Oliver Cromwell (Answer Commentary)

ECW4 Execution of King Charles I (Answer Commentary)

ECW5 John Lilburne and the Levellers (Answer Commentary)

ECW6: Gerrard Winstanley the Failed Digger Revolution (Answer Commentary)

ECW7: Oliver Cromwell in Ireland (Answer Commentary)

British History: 1700-1950

IR01 Child Labour Simulation (Teacher Notes)

IR02 Richard Arkwright and the Factory System (Answer Commentary)

IR03 Robert Owen and New Lanark (Answer Commentary)

IR04 James Watt and Steam Power (Answer Commentary)

IR05 The Domestic System (Answer Commentary)

IR06 The Luddites: 1775-1825 (Answer Commentary)

IR07 The Plight of the Handloom Weavers (Answer Commentary)

IR08 Road Transport and the Industrial Revolution (Answer Commentary)

IR09 Canal Mania (Answer Commentary)

IR10 Early Development of the Railways (Answer Commentary)

IR11 Health Problems in Industrial Towns (Answer Commentary)

IR12 Public Health Reform in the 19th century (Answer Commentary)

IR13 The Chartists (Answer Commentary)

IR14 Women and the Chartist Movement (Answer Commentary)

IR15 1832 Reform Act and the House of Lords (Answer Commentary)

IR16 Benjamin Disraeli and the 1867 Reform Act (Answer Commentary)

IR17 William Gladstone and the 1884 Reform Act (Answer Commentary)

IR18 The Coal Industry: 1600-1925 (Answer Commentary)

IR19 Women in the Coalmines (Answer Commentary)

IR20 Child Labour in the Collieries (Answer Commentary)

IR21 The Coal Industry: 1914-1921 (Answer Commentary)

IR22 The Outbreak of the General Strike (Answer Commentary)

IR23 The 1926 General Strike and the Defeat of the Miners (Answer Commentary)

The Russian Revolution

RRU1 Russian Revolution Simmulation

RRU2 Bloody Sunday (Answer Commentary)

RRU3 1905 Russian Revolution (Answer Commentary)

RRU4 Russia and the First World War (Answer Commentary)

RRU5 The Life and Death of Rasputin (Answer Commentary)

RRU6 The Abdication of Tsar Nicholas II (Answer Commentary)

RRU7 The Provisional Government (Answer Commentary)

RRU8 The Kornilov Revolt (Answer Commentary)

RRU9 The Bolsheviks (Answer Commentary)

RRU10 The Bolshevik Revolution (Answer Commentary)

First World War

Walter Tull: Britain's First Black Officer (Answer Commentary)

Football and the First World War (Answer Commentary)

Football on the Western Front (Answer Commentary)

Käthe Kollwitz: German Artist in the First World War (Answer Commentary)

American Artists and the First World War (Answer Commentary)

Sinking of the Lusitania (Answer Commentary)

The United States: 1920-1940

Economic Prosperity in the United States: 1919-1929 (Answer Commentary)

Women in the United States in the 1920s (Answer Commentary)

Volstead Act and Prohibition (Answer Commentary)

The Ku Klux Klan (Answer Commentary)

The Bonus Marchers (Answer Commentary)

The Wall Street Crash (Answer Commentary)

Unemployment in the United States: 1928-1933 (Answer Commentary)

The Great Depression (Answer Commentary)

Nazi Germany

RHU1 Adolf Hitler's Early Life (Answer Commentary)

RHU2 The Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich (Answer Commentary)

RHU3 Heinrich Himmler and the SS (Answer Commentary)

RHU4 The Last Days of Adolf Hitler (Answer Commentary)

RHU5 Trade Unions in Nazi Germany (Answer Commentary)

RHU6 Adolf Hitler v John Heartfield (Answer Commentary)

RHU7 Hitler's Volkswagen (The People's Car) (Answer Commentary)

RHU8 Women in Nazi Germany (Answer Commentary)

RHU9 German League of Girls (Answer Commentary)

RHU10 Kristallnacht (Answer Commentary)

RHU11 The Political Development of Sophie Scholl (Answer Commentary)

RHU12 The White Rose Anti-Nazi Group (Answer Commentary)

RHU13 The Hitler Youth (Answer Commentary)

RHU14 Night of the Long Knives (Answer Commentary)

RHU15 British Newspapers and Adolf Hitler (Answer Commentary)

RHU16 An Assessment of the Nazi-Soviet Pact (Answer Commentary)

RHU17 Lord Rothermere, Daily Mail and Adolf Hitler (Answer Commentary)

RHU18 Adolf Hitler and the Beer Hall Putsch (Answer Commentary)

RHU19 Adolf Hitler and the First World War (Answer Commentary)

RHU20 Adolf Hitler and the German Workers' Party (Answer Commentary)

RHU21 Adolf Hitler the Orator (Answer Commentary)

RHU22 Sturmabteilung (SA) (Answer Commentary)

RHU23 Who Set Fire to the Reichstag? (Answer Commentary)

RHU23 Propaganda Campaign against Adolf Hitler

RHU25 Appeasement (Answer Commentary)

The Second World War

2WU1 D-Day (Answer Commentary)

2WU2 Home Front Simulation (Answer Commentary)

2WU3 Alan Turing - School Student (Answer Commentary)

Classroom Activities by Subject

The Middle Ages

The Normans

The Tudors

The English Civil War

Industrial Revolution

First World War

Russian Revolution

Nazi Germany

USA: 1920-1945