Classroom Lessons on the Middle Ages

Each assessment contains a wide range of source material and several questions that will help students to develop the ability to interpret and evaluate information.

We have also provided a commentary on the questions that should be of help to the student and teacher.

NOR1 The Battle of Hastings (Answer Commentary)

NOR2 William the Conqueror (Answer Commentary)

NOR3 The Feudal System (Answer Commentary)

NOR4 The Domesday Survey (Answer Commentary)

NOR5 Thomas Becket and Henry II (Answer Commentary)

NOR6 Why was Thomas Becket Murdered? (Answer Commentary)

NOR7 Illuminated Manuscripts in the Middle Ages (Answer Commentary)

NOR8 King Harold II and Stamford Bridge (Answer Commentary)

NOR9 Disease in the 14th Century (Answer Commentary)

NOR10 Contemporary Accounts of the Black Death (Answer Commentary)

NOR11 The Medieval Village Economy (Answer Commentary)

NOR12 Women and Medieval Work (Answer Commentary)

NOR13 The Growth of Female Literacy in the Middle Ages (Answer Commentary)

N0R14 Wandering Minstrels in the Middle Ages (Answer Commentary)

NOR15 Christine de Pizan: A Feminist Historian (Answer Commentary)

NOR16 Henry II: An Assessment (Answer Commentary)

NOR17 The Life and Death of Richard the Lionheart (Answer Commentary)

NOR18 Medieval and Modern Historians on King John (Answer Commentary)

NOR19 King John and the Magna Carta (Answer Commentary)

NOR20 Medieval Historians and John Ball (Answer Commentary)

NOR21 The Peasants' Revolt (Answer Commentary)

NOR22 Death of Wat Tyler (Answer Commentary)

NOR23 Taxation in the Middle Ages (Answer Commentary)

YALD Yalding: Medieval Village Project (Differentiation)