Classroom Activities for Russian Revolution

Each assessment contains a wide range of source material and several questions that will help students to develop the ability to interpret and evaluate information.

We have also provided a commentary on the questions that should be of help to the student and teacher.

RRU1 Russian Revolution Simmulation

RRU2 Bloody Sunday (Answer Commentary)

RRU3 1905 Russian Revolution (Answer Commentary)

RRU4 Russia and the First World War (Answer Commentary)

RRU5 The Life and Death of Rasputin (Answer Commentary)

RRU6 The Abdication of Tsar Nicholas II (Answer Commentary)

RRU7 The Provisional Government (Answer Commentary)

RRU8 The Kornilov Revolt (Answer Commentary)

RRU9 The Bolsheviks (Answer Commentary)

RRU10 The Bolshevik Revolution (Answer Commentary)