Victorio, a member of the Mimbres Apache tribe, was born in New Mexico in about 1825. He successful warrior he eventually became leader of the Chihennes band.

In 1855 Victorio led attacks on Mexicans at Namiquipa. Along with Mangas Coloradas, Juh, Geronimo and Cochise he took part in the attack at Apache Pass on 14th July, 1862.

Victorio agreed that his people would move to Alamosa, New Mexico, and in 1872 the Mimbres were moved to the Tularosa Reservation. Five years later they were forced to migrate to San Carlos, Arizona. Victorio was unhappy with this move and on several occasions broke out with his men and carried out raids on local forts.

On 21st August, 1879, Victorio took his people to the Black Range mountains. He fought off an attempt to arrest him by Major Albert Morrow. He then moved east and ambushed Mexican militia killing around 30 men.

With the help of Apache scouts the army traced him in the Black Mountains. However, he once again escaped and by August 1880 was launching further attacks in West Texas.

On 15th October, 1880, Lieutenant Colonel Joaquin Terrazas finally ambushed them in the Tres Castillos Mountains in Chihuahua. Victorio and 77 other Apaches were killed in the fighting.