Edward Bok

Edward Bok

Edward Bok was born in Den Helder, Holland, on 9th October, 1863. When Bok was seven years old his family emigrated to the United States. After attending school in Brooklyn, New York City, Bok found work as an office boy at the Western Union Telegraph Company.

Bok had a strong desire to become a journalist and managed to get some of his work published in the Brooklyn Eagle. He continued his education at night school and in 1887 became advertising manager of the Scribner's Magazine.

In 1889 he became editor of the Ladies' Home Journal. Bok used the magazine to campaign for women's suffrage, pacifism, conservation of the environment and improved local government. By 1900 it was the best selling magazine in the United States.

Bok retired from the Ladies' Home Journal in 1919. His autobiography, The Americanization of Edward Bok (1920) was a best-seller and won a Pulitzer Prize. He also helped to fund the $100,000 American Peace prize.

Edward Bok died in Tucson, Arizona, on 9th January, 1930.