Walter Krueger

Walter Krueger

Walter Krueger was born in Flatow, West Prussia, on 20th January 1881. His family emigrated to the United States in 1888 and he grew up in Madison, Indiana.

At the age of seventeen Krueger joined the United States Army and served in the Spanish-American War. He was an impressive soldier and soon reached the rank of sergeant major.

After seeing action in the Philippines he was commissioned in 1901. He became an instructor at Fort Leavenworth where he met and became friends with George Marshall.

Krueger was sent to the Western Front in France during the First World War and by the end of the conflict was chief of the Tank Corps and had obtained the rank of colonel.

After the war Krueger taught at the Army War College and served with the War Plans Division in Washington. Promoted to the rank of major general he was given command of the 2nd Division based in Texas. In October 1940 he became head of the 3rd Army Headquarters.

In January 1943 Krueger and the 3rd Army were sent to Australia. It was not until October 1944 that Krueger first saw action when he took part in the Leyte campaign. General Douglas MacArthur was critical of Krueger for advancing too slowly and considered having him replaced. Later he was involved in the capture of Luzon and in March 1945 was promoted to full general.

After the war Krueger retired to San Antonio. Walter Krueger, who wrote no memoirs, died in 1967.