Charlie Bunyan

Charles (Charlie) Bunyan was born in Birmingham. A goalkeeper he joined Derby County in 1889. He also played for Sheffield United and Walsall.

After retiring in 1899 he became a football agent. At the beginning of the 1899-1900 season, Francis Payne, the club secretary of Thames Iron Works, was given the task of finding good players for their first season in the top division of the Southern League. According to one report, Arnold Hills, gave Payne £1,000 to find the best players available.

Francis Payne employed Charlie Bunyan to obtain a player based in Birmingham. Bunyan missed his appointment with the player targeted by Payne. He then approached another player he thought might be interested in joining the club. However, this player reported Bunyan to the Football Association. The FA held an investigation into the matter and as a result, Bunyan was suspended for two years. Payne was also suspended and the Thames Iron Works was fined £25.

Charlie Bunyan died in 1922.