Christian Morbeck

Christian Morbeck

Christian Morbeck was born in Vanse, Norway, on 25th August, 1842. His family emigrated to America when he was six years old and settled in Door County, Wisconsin.

On the outbreak of the Civil War Morbeck joined the the Scandinavian Regiment that was commanded by fellow Norwegian, Colonel Hans Heg. Morbeck took part in the successful raid on Union City, Tennessee. After an extensive campaign in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama, Morbeck also took part in the Battle of Chaplin Hills (8th October, 1862).

Morbeck helped capture a Confederate artillery battery at Knob Gap, Tennessee on 15th December, 1862. At the Battle of Murfreesboro he was wounded and taken prisoner. Morbeck was released by the Confederate Army and after recovering from his wounds he rejoined the Scandinavian Regiment.

Morbeck missed the Battle of Chickamauga (19th - 20th September, 1863) where the regiment suffered heavy casualties including the loss of its commander, Colonel Hans Heg. The regiment was now led by Lieutenant Colonel Ole Johnson and after the Battle of Pickett's Mill (27th May, 1864) Morbeck was promoted to the rank of corporal.

After the war Morbeck worked as a clerk in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Later he acquired a sailboat and traded with people living on the islands around Door County.

Morbeck married Constance Anderson on 11th March, 1875. The couple moved to Ingalls, Michigan, where they ran a general store. As a result of wounds received during the Civil War, Morbeck was granted an invalid's pension. Christian Morbeck died of pneumonia on 19th June, 1908.