King Edward V

King Edward V

Edward, the eldest son of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville, was born in 1471.

Edward was trained to become king but was only a child when his father died in 1483. It was therefore decided that Richard, Edward IV's brother, should became Protector of England, until Edward was old enough to become king.

Elizabeth Woodville did not trust Richard and called for a Regency Council to run the country. Richard reacted by persuading Parliament that Edward IV had not been legally married to Elizabeth Woodville, and therefore Prince Edward was not the true heir to the throne. As Edward IV's only surviving brother, Richard claimed the throne for himself.

Richard had Edward and his younger brother, Richard, taken into custody. Soon rumours began to circulate that Richard had arranged for his two nephews to be murdered.

Primary Sources

(1) Dominic Mancini, The Usurpation of Richard III (c. 1483)

He (Edward V) and his brother were transferred to the inner chambers of the Tower. Every day their appearances behind the bars and windows grew less frequent and eventually they ceased to appear altogether... However, I have not yet been able to establish whether Edward was murdered.