Sergio Arcacha-Smith

Sergio Arcacha-Smith

Sergio Arcacha-Smith was born in Havana, Cuba, on 22nd January, 1923. He moved to the United States in 1945 and attended college in Texas. He served as Cuba's counsul in India under Fulgencio Batista. After marrying Shelia Duarte he left the diplomatic service and became Assistant Manager of the Lago Hotel in Caracas, Venezuela (1954-57).

Arcacha-Smith returned to Cuba but after Fidel Castro gained power Arcacha-Smith went into exile. While living in New Orleans he joined with David Ferrie to establish the Cuban Democratic Liberation Front. Arcacha-Smith was also an associate of Guy Banister. Richard Case Nagell told Dick Russell that Arcacha-Smith was "strictly right-wing, into everything so-called anti-Castro".

According to a FBI report Carlos Marcello offered Arcacha-Smith money in return for gambling concessions in post-invasion Cuba. In October, 1961, Arcacha-Smith introduced David Ferrie to Carlos Bringuier.

In January, 1962, Arcacha-Smith was expelled from the Cuban Democratic Liberation Front after being accused of misappropriating funds. Later that year he made a secret trip to Mexico.

Arcacha-Smith moved to Miami in October, 1962. The following month he settled in Tampa. The following year he moved on to Houston where he sold air conditioners. Later he becomes Assistant Manager of the America Hotel in Houston. While in Texas he became friends with Edwin Walker and Haroldson L. Hunt.

Some researchers have suggested that Arcacha-Smith was in Dallas when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. However, according to Calvin Clausel: "On the day, at the hour and moment President Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Mr. Arcacha was with me in my office at Suite 107,3100 Audley Street, Houston, Texas. This fact can also be corroborated by Mrs. Art Magee, formerly Mrs. Rima Bredelhoeft, who at that time was my secretary."

In 1967 Jim Garrison was unsuccessful in having Arcacha-Smith extradited from Texas for questioning.

Sergio Arcacha Smith died on 5th July, 2000.