Elizabeth Hughes

Elizabeth Hughes

Elizabeth Ellen Kershaw was born in Hackney on 12th August 1893. She was the second eldest daughter of Ann Heath (born 1871, Hackney) and James Meadowcroft Kershaw (born 1870, Rochdale) an engineer fitter.

After leaving school she found work as a lady's maid of Sybil Thorndike after her marriage to Lewis Casson.

Elizabeth Kershaw married Thomas Griffiths Hughes, a mercantile clerk. The couple had three children: Muriel Hughes (29th July, 1914), Jack Hughes (11th March, 1920) and Stella Hughes (5th June, 1926).

During the First World War her husband served in the Royal Army Medical Corps.The RAMC operated the army's medical units and provided medical detachments for the infantry, artillery and other military units. It is believed he was based in Staffordshire. According to Elizabeth, he spent much of the time in an isolation ward because it was discovered that he was a diphtheria carrier.

After the war the family moved to Chingford. Her husband worked as a book-keeper and as a salesman in the drapery trade. He retired in 1945.

Thomas Griffiths Hughes died on 12th January 1954. Elizabeth Hughes lived in a retirement in Harlow until her death on 23rd April 1979.