Red Republican

In 1843 Feargus O'Connor recruited the Chartist activist, George Julian Harney a journalist for his newspaper Northern Star. Two years later he became the editor of the newspaper. Excited by the Continental Revolutions of 1848, Harney became a socialist and he tried to use the Northern Star to promote this philosophy.

Feargus O'Connor disagreed with socialism and he pressurized Harney into resigning as editor of the paper. Harney now formed his own newspaper, the Red Republican. In the paper Harney attempted to educate his working class readers about socialism and internationalism. Harney also attempted to convert the trade union movement to socialism.

In 1850 the Red Republican published the first English translation of The Communist Manifesto. The newspaper was not a financial success and was closed down in December, 1850. Harney followed it with other newspapers including the Friend of the People (December 1850 - April 1852), Star of Freedom (April 1852 - December 1852) and The Vanguard (January 1853 - March 1853).