Dean Cornwell

Dean Cornwell was born in 1892. After studying under Frank Brangwyn, Cornwell established himself as one of America's leading illustrators. He worked for various magazines including Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping.

Cornwell taught at the Arts Students League in New York where he had a profound influence on such artists as Harry Beckhoff, Rico Tomaso and Frank Reilly.

Dean Cornwell, Doughboy (1918)
Dean Cornwell, Doughboy (1918)

Cornwell's work often appeared in Cosmopolitan. He also illustrated several books including The City of the Great King, The Man of Galilee, Never the Twain Shall Meet, The Enchanted Hill and the Pride of Palomar. Cornwell was also President of the Society of Illustrators (1922-26).

In the 1930s and 40s Cornwell concentrated on producing advertising posters and worked for several large companies including Seagrams Whiskey, General Motors and Coco Cola.

Cornwwll was elected the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in 1959.

Dean Cornwell died in 1960.