Paul Weber

Paul Weber was in Arnstadt, Germany, in 1893. In the First World War Weber served in the German Army on the Eastern Front. During the war Weber contributed drawings and cartoons for the army newspaper.

Weber produced lithographs, drawings and oil paintings. An opponent of Adolf Hitler, Weber illustrated books and provided drawings for magazines published by the Widerstands-Verlag (Resistance Press). This included the illustration of Ernst Niekisch's book, Hitler - A German Fate (1932).

Paul Weber, Hitler - A German Fate (1932)
Paul Weber, Hitler - A German Fate (1932)

When Hitler gained power he closed Widerstands-Verlag down and in July 1937 Weber was arrested and imprisoned. After his release he ended his opposition to Hitler and concentrated his attacks on British imperialism. This included The British Pictures (1941).

After the Second World War Weber remained active in politics and his drawings covered subjects such as militarism and environmental pollution. During his lifetime he produced 3,000 lithographs, 200 oil paintings and a large number of drawings and woodcuts.

Paul Weber died in Schretstaken in 1980.